Joe Weller Predicts the KSI vs Logan Paul Fight and Announces He Wants In

Joe Weller, the only person to have ever faced KSI in an official boxing match, has given his prediction for the upcoming KSI versus Logan Paul fight.

The Weller versus KSI boxing fight on February 3rd of 2018 was one of the biggest events in the history of YouTube, drawing in millions of live viewers and breaking the record for the biggest amateur white collar boxing event in history.

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KSI won the contest convincingly and looked surprisingly comfortable and confident in the ring before calling out Jake Paul or Logan Paul in his post-fight speech.

Eventually, after a great deal of trash talk and posturing, the KSI versus Logan Paul deal signed and the two YouTube sensations are set to face off on August 25th at the Manchester Arena, with a second fight expected to take place in February 2019 somewhere in the USA.

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As the only person to have fought KSI in the past, Joe Weller can be considered as something of an authority of the British star. With that in mind, his prediction video of the fight should certainly be something that fans are taking notice of.

Weller explains that he believes the winner will be the man that feels the most comfortable in the ring, states that this was the obvious difference between himself and KSI in the first fight, and says that he believes this will also be a factor against Logan Paul:

“I feel it’s whoever is going to be more comfortable in that ring. What I mean by that is in OUR fight, JJ was far more comfortable and in his element. In that big occasion, you know, he is a showman. He thrives in that situation, whereas me… as much as I felt confident and ready to win, I just lost my head,”

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He does, however, go on to state that he believes Logan Paul will have a physical advantage due to his size, weight, and strength. Logan Paul was also a high school wrestler and Weller believes that this competition experience is important.

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Despite losing in their fight, Weller says that he didn’t feel a great deal of power from KSI’s punches and he thinks that he will need to use his speed and movement to tire Logan Paul out before trying to finish him off.

Weller also concludes by saying that he wants to get back in the ring and fight on the KSI versus Logan Paul undercard to show what he can really do and prove that he isn’t someone that will give up just because he lost. He’s also keen to fight just about anyone that wants to, it seems.

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The full video can be viewed below.