Joe Weller Believes KSI Has One Major Vulnerability Ahead of Logan Paul Fight - Dexerto

Joe Weller Believes KSI Has One Major Vulnerability Ahead of Logan Paul Fight

Published: 23/Aug/2018 18:02

by Calum Patterson


KSI’s first boxing opponent, Joe Weller, reckons he had a major weakness in his fighting ability that Logan Paul may be able to exploit in their upcoming bout.

Now only days away, the fight will take place on August 25, as KSI tries to hold on to his unbeaten record up against the American Logan, who has the advantage in height and reach.

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KSI’s most obvious advantage is his experience, and that comes from Joe Weller himself, who was comfortably beaten by KSI back in 2017.

But, despite the rather one sided loss for Weller, he still thinks he has discovered what could well be KSI’s downfall.


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Using footage from KSI’s face to face with Logan, where he explains how he will work the body shot, Joe Weller recalls he did the same thing in their fight, but it leaves KSI vulnerable.

“I remember in our fight, I think it was round 2, that JJ started going to my body. He would throw by dropping his arm, almost like an uppercut to the body. 

But it would leave [the right side of his face] so open. So if Logan can clock on to that, and throw the counter left hook as [KSI] drops that right hand to body, I think little things like that will seriously throw JJ off.

And that is where the technique of JJ could fault him, that’s what could let him down.”

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Given Logan’s height advantage, KSI’s plan to work on the body is probably his best bet in the early stages, but he will need to ensure he is fast and aware enough to avoid the counters.

With the fight only days away, the time for planning and preparation is likely behind the fighters now though, and it just comes down to who is most composed on the night.


You can watch the fight live on the official KSI vs Logan Paul YouTube channel, but it is a pay-per-view live event, costing £7.50 to purchase access. It takes place at the Manchester Arena, UK, and is expected to pull in a sell out crowd.