Joe Rogan had to quit video games over health concerns

Jacob Hale
Joe Rogan wide-eyed

[jwplayer Gd3gIdIX]Joe Rogan has explained why he had to quit playing video games after concerns over his “terrible” health – even describing it as an addiction.

Joe Rogan is one of the most popular men on the internet, with a podcast that recently fetched a rumored $100m after Spotify bought it out in May.

Clearly, though, he is still just a regular man, as revealed when he explained the terrible effects video games have had on his health due to him becoming addicted to them.

Joe Rogan smiling with his dogRogan’s podcast has become huge, bringing in some of the biggest names in Hollywood and across multiple industries.

While in conversation with famous actor and comedian Hannibal Buress, the two started to discuss video games, thoroughly impressed by the PS5 Unreal Engine demo trailer that was revealed ahead of this year’s PlayStation 5 release.

Buress then admitted that during the ongoing health crisis, he “dove heavy” into video games, playing NBA 2K “up to 12 hours a day” for escapism.

Rogan then revealed that he can no longer use the LAN room beside the studio, saying it’s like a bar and he’s “like an alcoholic.”

“We were playing hours every day, to the point where Jamie was telling me I had a problem,” Rogan said. “We would get done with the podcast, I couldn’t wait to go play… But when I would leave, my hands would be sweaty, I would feel nervous, I was physically feeling bad.”

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Joe went on to say that it was affecting his sleep and “putting his body through all this crazy stress” and, based on the fact that he avoids gaming now, probably decided that enough was enough.

Obviously, video games affect different people in different ways, but Joe describing his relationship with Quake Champions as “like an addiction” and as “terrible” for his health shows that it’s not always as simple as getting online and having fun with your friends.

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