Joe Rogan explains why he can’t play video games at all anymore

Joe Rogan and a stack of video gamesYouTube: Joe Rogan/Unsplash: PHDGamer

Joe Rogan has once again dished on his ‘addiction’ with video games, explaining how he can’t just play for a brief period and then snap out of it.

While he’s come under fire for his comments about video games before, calling them a “waste of time” for many, Joe Rogan hasn’t shied away from talking about them.

The UFC commentator has had former Counter-Strike professional Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast before, and openly talked about his love of Quake.

Whenever the topic comes up, however, he always states that games are problematic for himself, giving they’ve led to health concerns in the past.

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Joe Rogan wide-eyedYouTube: Joe Rogan
Roagn has spoken before about his love of Quake.

During episode #1666 of the JRE Podcast, Rogan again talked about games with guest Duncan Trussell, explaining that they might just be the most addicting thing around, at least for him.

“I can’t have the video games,” Rogan said after revealing he’s buying a pool table to tune up his skills on. “That, to me, is like protecting my children against wolves. It becomes this obsessive thing where it’s like, I’ve got to protect the tribe. You get locked into these goddamn games because they’re so exciting,” he added.

“I wish I wasn’t such a simpleton because if I could f**king just play for like one hour and stop… I cannot. Because, at one hour, I start getting a better feel of where my cursors going, when I’m moving the mouse around. I get a better understanding of strafe jumping and where to aim with my rail gun, can’t do it. I’m too dumb. I get too excited. I get too locked in.”

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Rogan noted that he’s had the realization that games are “more fun” than anything else he does, outside of spending time with family and people he loves dearly.

It’s unlikely we’ll see him jump into something like Warzone anytime soon, but a session of him playing Quake would break the internet.