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Joe Rogan explains why gamers and esports deserves more respect

Published: 21/Dec/2019 14:27

by Daniel Cleary


Popular podcast host Joe Rogan reveals why video games and gamers do not often get the credit that they deserve during his 20 December episode with fellow comedian Bryan Callen. 

Joe Rogan has built a massive online presence with his popular podcast, the ‘Joe Rogan Experience,’ and often pulls in millions of viewers for each episode with some of the most intriguing guests.

The range of topics discussed on his show usually varies dramatically from guest to guest, however, in one of his latest podcasts with a regular on the show, actor and comedian, Bryan Callen, the pair highlighted some of the difficulties video games and gamers face.


JRE, YouTubeJoe Rogan is known for hosting the popular YouTube podcast, ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ among other things.

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While discussing the effects that violent and addictive video games have on people, Joe and Bryan began to question the difference between gaming and other activities that many devote their time to such as reading or sports.

“I’m also in favor of you doing anything you want, there’s certain people that make the same argument about someone who’s addicted to reading.” the UFC commentator expressed.

Rogan highlighted that media such as video games, novels and films are all just engaging human creations, explaining that some forms of media are just given more merit, “we don’t put merit in video games for some reason.”


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“When you go to an art gallery and stare at someone’s work, it’s some human creation that captivates your attention,” Joe revealed, pointing out some of the similarities between art and games.

“You also need people who know how to play the f**k out of a video game, the thing is those are the people who don’t get any credit,” the popular podcast host later shared.

“These guys are making real money playing that stupid game you told them to never play,” Joe Rogan remarked before Bryan added just how big esports has become, “And they are filling arenas!”


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“This is where the world goes,” Joe explained, “the world goes to the most engaging creation that human beings have that locks in other people’s attention and the most engaging creations for young people are these goddamn video games.”

Although the pair both seemed to agree that video games and their player base deserves more credit in comparison to sports like snooker, they also made sure to highlight some of the obvious drawbacks and risks that come with being ‘addicted.’