Joe Rogan explains why South Park is the best show ever

YouTube: Joe Rogan / South Park

Joe Rogan has weighed in on his verdict for the best TV show ever, and moving past the usual suspects like Breaking Bad or The Sopranos, his pick of comedy cartoon South Park comes with good reason.

Perhaps best known now as a podcast host, Rogan commands an audience of millions with his ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ show, where he invites guests from nearly every field, from paleontologists to politicians to bodybuilders.

But, while viewers certainly tune in to hear the insights of his guests, Rogan himself is also a major draw, with his own opinions and world view intriguing to many.

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Joe Rogan ExperienceComedy Central
Joe Rogan’s podcast has become one of the best known around the world.

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On episode 1400 of his podcast, Rogan was joined by comedian and writer Tony Hinchcliffe, who is one of the writers behind Comedy Central’s Roast series, and known for his “insult comedy” and edgy humor.

While discussing the TV industry which Hinchcliffe is a part of, the conversation segued towards what Joe Rogan believes to be the best show of all time: South Park.

“That show, one of the greatest entertainment franchises,” the host starts, “whether it’s sports, music, films, greatest franchise ever, South Park. […] That’s the best show ever.”

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Topic starts at 1:45.

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“They’ve done everything,” Rogan explains. “They’ve been around forever, they put together a play, a musical, they put together films. Team America: World Police is still, to this day, one of my all-time favorite comedies. And then before that, the South Park movie.”

After watching a number of their favorite moments from the show together, Joe and Tony both agreed about the necessity of a show like South Park, despite its controversy.

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He also complimented Comedy Central, the television network that broadcasts the series, for leaving the producers of the show “alone”.

“It’s so important for comedy to have a show like that out there, that just has no boundaries. Comedy Central is smart enough, with all the silliness that they’ve been accused of, they’re smart enough to leave those guys the f**k alone,” Rogan concluded.

Comedy Central is the network that Hinchcliffe works with to produce the Roast series. It is believed the network faced pressure when South Park was banned from China, but still backed the show’s mock apology in response.

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