Police called as Twitch streamer Jinny stalked by hooded man for hours while live

jinny on twitchTwitch: Jinnytty

Popular Twitch streamer Jinny had to get police involved, after an unidentified man appeared to be stalking her for hours while she was livestreaming, causing her to fear for her safety.

Jinny is currently streaming her travels in Taiwan, as part of her ‘Waddlethon’, where she aims to walk the entirety of the country. On April 24, she was again traveling, aiming to walk around 20 kilometers.

But, her plans were derailed, after noticing a stranger appeared to be following her. The man was wearing all black, with a hood, and covering their face.

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Despite taking various stops, the man continually reappeared near Jinny again as she traveled, at one point even hiding in a bush before exiting to continue following her.

Jinny forced to get police involved to deal with stalker

As this continued for approximately four hours, eventually police were involved.

When she gets the chance to speak to the authorities, she simply asks them to tell the man to stop following her.

The police also apparently asked the man to reveal his face, as it was entirely covered.

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After this, things seemed to calm down, as Jinny went to a restaurant for food, and the man has not been spotted since. Police detained him for some time to prevent him from following, but it’s unknown if any further action was taken.

Due to the nature of the Waddlethon, Jinny’s route between stops is straightforward for viewers to track, making it possible for ‘stream snipers’ to meet her, which has happened before on numerous occasions.

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But clearly, following her for hours, while remaining elusive, hiding in bushes, and having your face covered, is extremely intimidating.

“The fact his face was covered was giving me more anxiety,” Jinny explained near the end of the stream. “Because face covered means he might want to do something bad, and get away with it.

“The police officers were really helpful, they made sure that I’m safe. They detained the guy so he cannot follow anymore. So I was relieved afterward.”

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Jinny plans to continue her Waddlethon stream despite the risks. She has been comforted by the support from her viewers and Taiwanese authorities.

In February, Jinny had her phone stolen by a motorcyclist also while she was livestreaming her travels.

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