JiDion unable to compete in Sidemen Charity match after being evicted

Virginia Glaze
JiDion claims he was evicted unable to compete in sidemen charity match

YouTube star JiDion claims he is unable to compete in the upcoming Sidemen Charity football match after all his belongings were thrown out of his home in an eviction.

JiDion is a popular YouTuber best known for his extremely viral pranks, boasting over 5.8 million subscribers on his main channel.

JiDion was one of 34 influencers who were invited to the United Kingdom to take part in the Sidemen Charity football match, a soccer game hosted by the popular British YouTube group ‘the Sidemen.’

Will JiDion play in Sidemen charity match?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to compete, despite being locked in for the competition.

JiDion broke the news in a series of photos and videos posted to Instagram stories on September 22, where he showed footage of a slew of personal items tossed outside on a yard at night.

jidion eviction instagram story

According to the YouTube prankster, he’d been suddenly evicted from his home, and all of his personal belongings were placed outside.

The influencer said he would be “MIA” for a while as he figures out his next living situation — and he also won’t be traveling abroad anytime soon.

JiDion claims passport was stolen after items thrown out of home during eviction

JiDion claims that his passport was among the items removed from his house, and says that his things were sitting outside for ten hours. Some of them were apparently stolen… including his travel documents.

JiDion sidemen match

“I was supposed to be on a plane heading to the UK for the Sidemen Charity match but when they threw all my stuff outside, they threw my passport, as well as all my other belongings outside for ten hours, so a lot of my stuff was taken, including that and other important things,” he explained. “Won’t be able to make it this year.”

JiDion’s fans have been flooding his social media accounts with supportive comments amid this latest news. Thus far, neither KSI nor the official Sidemen account have yet to speak on JiDion’s absence, nor the unfortunate circumstances of his inability to travel.

This latest news follows another major sporting moment for the star, after he was booted out of the US Open for getting a haircut while sitting in the audience.