How to watch Sidemen Charity Match 2022: Stream, KO time, lineups, managers & referee

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The Sidemen Charity match is one of the biggest YouTube events scheduled for 2022, with creators around the world taking part. This marks the first one the crew has held since 2020 and here is everything you need to know about it – from lineups to managers.

British YouTube group Sidemen have confirmed after a long hiatus they will be bringing back their annual charity football match. The group first launched their charity game event back in 2016 and went on to turn it into an annual event in the following years. It was postponed for a couple years but returns in 2022.

The matches will feature the infamous Sidemen, who team up on Sidemen FC. Their opponents are made up of fellow YouTubers who would play under the team name YouTube Allstars.

Here’s everything you need to know.

How to watch Sidemen Charity Match 2022: date, time & stream

The 2022 Sidemen Charity Match is all locked in for Saturday, September 24, with a kick off time of 3pm BST. That’s 7am PT / 10am EST / 4pm CEST / 12am AEST.

Those who are unable to attend in person can tune in via a live stream on the Sidemen channel.

Sidemen Charity game stream 2022

Where will the Sidemen Charity match 2022 be held?

Like the last couple of Sidemen Charity matches, the 2022 edition will be held at The Valley Stadium in London.

It is a 27,000-seat capacity that’s the home stadium of English football’s Charlton Athletic.

Sidemen Charity match 2022 squads: Players & lineup

One of the highlights of the event is seeing which popular YouTubers come together to take on the Sidemen crew. In previous years, the likes of DJ Mario, ChrisMD, Calfreezy, and many more. 

Sideman Charity Soccer Noah Beck Image
Noah Beck stunned the world with his impressive showing at Soccer Aid 2022.

Players and team lineups

On September 22, the full roster of competing influencers was released for both teams – and it’s a massive lineup.

The Sidemen’s side will see the famed YouTube group joined by MrBeast, Lazarbeam and Karl Jacobs, among others.

On the YouTube Allstars there the likes of Niko Omilana, Deji, Chunkz and popular streamer iShowSpeed.

Team Sidemen:

  • KSI
  • W2S
  • Zerkaa
  • Vikkstar
  • Behzinga
  • Miniminter
  • MrBeast
  • Karl Jacobs
  • ChrisMD
  • Pieface
  • JME
  • Lazarbeam
  • Manny
  • Rudolph
  • Callux
  • Calfreezy

Team YouTube:

  • Niko Omilana
  • Yung Filly
  • Cal the Dragon
  • Will Ne
  • Harry Pinero
  • Chris Tyson
  • iShowSpeed
  • Noah Beck
  • Deji
  • Theo Baker
  • Chunkz
  • JiDion
  • Castro
  • AnEsonGib
  • Chandler
  • Danny Aarons
  • Georgenotfound

Managers & referee

On September 21, the Sidemen announced the addition of two team managers: Mark Goldbridge and Billy Wingrove.

The referee is a former Premier League official, Mark Clattenburg – rounding off a star-studded lineup from the pitch to production.

That’s all you need to know going into the Sidemen Charity match 2022. We’ll have a match report live shortly after, so don’t sweat if you can’t catch every second of action on stream.

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