“Jesse Pinkman” goes viral as parking lot shootout becomes real-life Breaking Bad

Michael Gwilliam
real life breaking bad shootout

A real-life version of Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman is going viral after a parking lot dispute turned into a scene ripped right out of the hit AMC show.

Breaking Bad may be long over, but its legacy remains as one of the most popular television shows of all time, even spawning a successful crossover in Better Call Saul and a Netflix movie.

Aaron Paul rose to stardom by playing dealer Jesse Pinkman, a stylish yet emotional hothead who wasn’t afraid to stand up against some of the series’ antagonists.

In a video going viral on social media, a man dressed like Pinkman was confronted by a much larger gentleman in a parking lot in a clip that has fans comparing it to Breaking Bad.

Real-life Breaking Bad goes viral after “Jesse Pinkman” confronted

The video, uploaded by Twitter user ‘ZebraRisk,’ shows a large bald man getting in the face of another fellow who viewers think is dressed like Jesse Pinkman.

Despite intimidating the Breaking Bad lookalike, the shorter man stood his ground – and after a moment, got shoved, resulting in a short scuffle unfolding.


After the larger man grabbed onto his rival, shots were fired and the man in yellow stood tall, appearing to tuck his weapon away and then walk away from the parking lot.

In the comments, users couldn’t stop comparing the incident to Breaking Bad, with many remarking how it looked like a deleted scene from the hit series.

Others claimed that this video was from a 2022 incident in Colorado and was the result of an altercation between customers at a cannabis dispensary. Luckily, no one died during that incident.

This is hardly the first time a shooting has blown up on social media. Earlier this year, a gas station shootout went viral after viewers compared it to John Wick and Grand Theft Auto.