Jenna Marbles responds to backlash after testing viral dog harness

Virginia Glaze

Jenna Marbles has been one of YouTube’s top creators for quite some time — but despite her dedicated fanbase and general lack of drama, the star is facing outrage after testing out a dog harness for a review video.

Fans of Jenna “Jenna Marbles” Mourey know the content creator for her hilarious videos and her pet dogs, most notably her Italian Greyhound “Kermit” and Chihuahua pup “Marbles.”

While she’s famous for doting on her beloved pets (even throwing them a full-blown pool party), her love of animals has resulted in some unexpected backlash from critics.

YouTuber Jenna Marbles is known for doting on her pet dogs, two of which are shown snuggling in a blanket.

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On February 19, Jenna uploaded a video testing out a “viral” dog safety harness, which sits the pooch upright in a car seat for vehicle safety purposes.

However, many viewers called out the YouTuber for even giving the harness a review, claiming that it was unsafe to sit a dog in such a manner even for a short time due to potential pressure on their spine.

Jenna Marbles reviewed a viral car harness for dogs – but some critics weren’t pleased that she’d put her furry friends in the device.

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This prompted the YouTuber to re-upload her video with an apology edited at its beginning, where she clarified the contents of her review and her thoughts on the divisive product.

“To give you the review upfront, I did try this — the video is 30 minutes long — and I spend a majority of that time sort of describing that I’m not sure that this product is right for my dogs,” she explained. “…we’re just trying to do the best thing that we can.”

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Jenna’s subsequent response to the outrage went viral online, with fans taking to Twitter to call out critics of her video.

“Y’all really bullied Jenna Marbles into deleting her video/making an apology for testing a dog harness she didn’t make or condone,” one fan wrote.

Despite her thorough apology and explanation, some critics still aren’t satisfied, with one angry user replying, “So she’s had problems looking after hamsters fish and dogs. Maybe she should learn how to look after animals before she gets them.”

The YouTuber has been called out for similar instances before, as mentioned by this reply, with the star apologizing in 2017 after fans noticed her fishtank wasn’t up to standards.

Needless to say, this isn’t her first time dealing with such backlash — but it looks like her fanbase is sending ample support to defend the star from online harassment over a review that ultimately sought to warn fellow dog owners about a viral product.

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