YouTuber who spent $14k to “transform” into a dog now wants to be a panda instead

Michael Gwilliam
man in realistic dog costume in park

A Japanese YouTuber who spent a whopping $14,000 on a hyper-realistic Collie costume wants to “transform” into something other than a dog.

In 2023, a YouTuber named Toco went viral after he spent a fortune to “transform” into a dog and live out his life as an animal.

The costume took 40 days to construct and was designed by Zeppet Workshop, a company that specializes in TV and movie costumes, but when it was complete, Toco took the internet by storm.

The YouTuber amassed over 7M views by imitating a dog and interacting with humans who had no idea this loveable pup was actually a grown man. Best of all, he was able to make his dream come true, having always wanted to become a dog.

In the year since, Toco has revealed he wants to take his transformation to another level by becoming something much bigger, but easier at the same time.

“Dogs and humans have different bone structures and the way they bend their legs and arms, so it’s very difficult to make movements that look like this,” he told WanQol. “I’m currently researching ways to make them look more like dogs. Also, when they get dirty, they get dirt and dirt on their fur. Sometimes it gets stuck, so it takes a lot of effort to clean it every time.”

So, what does the future hold for our anthropomorphic friend? Well, while another canine isn’t off the table, he has his eyes on a different species entirely.

“I might realistically be able to become another dog, a panda or a bear,” he revealed. “A fox or a cat would also be nice, but they are too small for humans to try. I’d like to fulfill my dream of becoming another animal someday.”

Toco didn’t address any potential challenges that may arise if he went out in public dressed as a bear, even one as lovable as a panda, but that’s a bridge he’ll have to cross down the line eventually.

Until then, Toco continues to upload videos to YouTube, where he showcases all sorts of reactions to his dog transformation.