Jenna Marbles’ home broken into by stalker after months of harassment

Virginia Glaze
Jenna Marbles home broken into by stalker

The home of YouTube star Jenna Marbles was broken into by a stalker who had been harassing the influencer and her husband for months, as revealed in one of her husband’s posts on Instagram.

Jenna Marbles is one of YouTube’s OG content creators. Known for her comedic skits and hilarious videos with her many dogs, Marbles racked up a reputation as a well-loved comedian and was one of the first prominent YouTube celebs to emerge on social media.

However, after years on the platform, Marbles retired from YouTube in 2020 after critics took issue with some of her older content. In response, Marbles apologized and decided to permanently leave social media altogether.

Since then, fans have gotten the occasional update about Jenna from her now-husband, Julien Solomita, whom she married in December 2022 after spending nearly a decade together.

Unfortunately, their wedded bliss was cut short after a purported ‘stalker’ broke into their home on Monday, January 2, 2023.

Jenna Marbles’ husband subdues home invader

Julien published a statement on the subject to his Instagram stories that day, claiming that the intruder had been stalking and harassing him and his wife for “months.” Luckily, he was able to apprehend the stranger with pepper spray and locked her out of their home until law enforcement arrived.

“Today, someone broke into our house,” he wrote. “A woman, that we don’t know, entered our home unannounced. Upon entering our back door, I immediately subdued her with OC / pepper spray and was able to lock her out. I called the police and she was apprehended and arrested.”

Julien solomita instagram story home invasion

He went on to clarify that he, Jenna, and all their pups are safe and sound before stating that the intruder had been “harassing me at my home for the past two months.”

Fortunately, both he, Jenna, and their dogs are alright, with concerned fans showing an outpouring of support in his comments on social media in light of the terrifying incident.

Numerous influencers have fallen victim to stalkers in the past; last year, Twitch streamer ‘Amouranth’ revealed that a man had flown all the way to her home in Texas from Estonia to meet her, and even camped out by her PO box for a month.