Jeffree Star hits back at “horrible” claims he faked car accident to sell merch

Connor Bennett
Jeffree Star after his car crash
Twitter: Jeffree Star

Beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star has hit back at claims that he staged his recent car crash in order to bring attention his brand new makeup collection. 

On April 16, YouTube star and makeup guru Jeffree Star revealed that he and his pal Daniel has been involved in a “severe” car crash while driving his Rolls Royce. 

The YouTuber was quickly in hospital and updating fans on his injuries, even saying that he was lucky to be alive after he was involved in a rollover crash. 

However, some skeptics have claimed that he staged the accident and injuries in some way, in order to promote his new range of makeup and merchandise. Now, though, he has hit back at those claims in a pretty furious manner.

Jeffree Star Rolls Royce car crash
Twitter: Jeffree Star
Jeffree revealed that part of his back was broken in the crash.

Speaking on an Instagram Live, Jeffree detailed how he’s been inundated with questions about the accident, and how some have demanded comments from him about the claims that it’s fake. 

“I don’t even know what would make someone write a dumb, horrible story but that was one of the worst experiences of my life, so let’s just take a little pause… I don’t get it,” the YouTuber said, again questioning the thought process behind the rumors. 

Jeffree continued, revealing that the other person in the crash, Daniel, has been “harassed” with questions about him staging it. “Are you guys out of your f**king minds? So, to anyone thinking about writing a story like that, or already have, you’re f**king awful.”

The beauty guru further noted that he believes the rumors are giving his real friends and family a hard time too, hinting that people have been messaging his own mom about it. 

It’s clear that the YouTuber isn’t having these claims one bit, especially after he was the one who suffered a traumatizing experience.