Jeff Wittek claims David Dobrik ‘abandoned him’ after near-fatal Vlog Squad accident

Jeff Wittek David Dobrik AbandonedYouTube: Jeff Wittek / Twitter: David Dobrik

In the latest episode of his documentary series, After the Accident, Jeff Wittek claimed David Dobrik abandoned him in the months after the Vlog Squad excavator accident, even though he “was all f**ked up.”

Jeff Wittek almost died when a dangerous excavator stunt orchestrated by David Dobrik went horribly wrong. A doctor confirmed it could have cut his right eye in half and potentially even killed him, which fortunately didn’t happen.

The whole situation left many viewers angry with David, calling him “irresponsible” for risking his friend’s life. But that’s nothing compared to the fact he apparently turned his back on him throughout the recovery process.

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Jeff revealed all the details in the third episode of his documentary series.

He started off by saying how seeing David’s career on YouTube and other social media platforms “thrive” while recovering left him feeling sad and resentful.

Jeff Wittek David Dobrik AbandonedInstagram: Jeff Wittek
The accident left the area around Jake’s eye badly damaged.

“The first Instagram story would be him, and I would click on it, and it would be him being praised for something that he accomplished that week. And I’m sitting here in my house, in the worst place I’ve ever been, thinking I’m never going to get back to where I was at,” he said.

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“It made me resent him. It made me resent seeing his face. It made me not want to go online. It made me not want to open up YouTube. It would just put me in a bad place.”

Jeff also revealed that even though he “healed enough to walk around,” he was still “really f**ked up” on the inside, and the worst part about it was that David hadn’t bothered to see how he was. 

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Nick ‘Jonah’ Antonyan explained that, allegedly, David “didn’t know what to do to be there for [him].

However, Jeff explained that “all he had to do was come to check on me. Come talk to me, man to man, in person. I wanted to make it clear to him that this was a problem that we both had to fix now.”

The relevant part of the video starts at 8:23.

The revelation has left fans feeling even more bitter towards David.

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It’s one thing to put your friends in danger, but it’s another thing to turn your back on them when they need you the most.

David hasn’t commented yet and probably won’t since he’s been inactive on social media for more than a month. But if he does, we’ll update this piece.