Jason Nash instantly regrets trying to prank TikTok star Addison Rae

Virginia Glaze

David Dobrik’s latest behind-the-scenes video featured a practical joke gone wrong, after “vlog squad” member Jason Nash decided to prank TikTok star Addison Rae — although she didn’t end up being the victim of his hilarious shenanigans.

David Dobrik, a massive YouTuber known for his action-packed, short-form vlogs, uploaded a video to his second channel on March 17, where he debuts behind-the-scenes footage that often doesn’t make the cut into his official videos.

In this bonus vlog, longtime friend and fellow YouTuber Jason Nash took part in a series of humorous hijinks — one of which included an untimely prank on TikTok’s very own Addison Rae.

Addison Rae is a popular TikToker, boasting over 25 million followers on the platform.

Dobrik is known for keeping a phonebook’s worth of high-profile friends, so it came as little surprise to fans that the internet star (who boasts over 25 million followers on TikTok) was seen chilling in his home during his vlog.

However, her down time was interrupted by Nash, who quickly approached the TikToker with a can of men’s spray-on deodorant in the old-school fashion of Ashton Kutcher’s “Punk’d.”

YouTuber Jason Nash is a regular in Dobrik’s vlogs, often taking things off the rails with his outrageous antics.

“Hey Addison, welcome to prank central!” he shouted, before spraying the can in what he appeared to think was Addison’s general direction.

Instead, the spray went directly into his face — and his mouth, inciting an avalanche of laughter from those assembled in the room.

“F**k!” Nash exclaimed, wiping at his eyes. “Oh my god! Ah, it was in my mouth! I’ll get you next time — I got her good!”

(Segment begins at 2:41 for mobile readers)

Thankfully, it looks like Addison took the practical joke in stride, which may have been intentional (although there’s no telling if Nash actually wanted the can to spray directly in his eyes and mouth).

Nash is often touted for his sense of humor and makes regular appearances in Dobrik’s vlogs, which usually leads to such off-the-rails moments as when Dobrik buried him underground and surprised his friends by hiding his head under a storage container.

Thanks to his antics, it seems that Rae got a humorous scare — although it was Nash who ultimately took the fall (and some deodorant in the eye, to boot).