James Charles blasted for “deleting comments” on first YouTube video since grooming allegations

Charlotte Colombo
YouTube: James Charles

YouTube star James Charles is on the receiving end of criticism by fans following his return to the platform, as some are accusing him of deleting any comments that reference accusations being leveled against him.

In a YouTube video uploaded on 5 March, it appears to be back to business for Charles, just a week after initial allegations about his behavior towards minors began to surface.

In the video entitled ‘Destroying My Palette & Turning It Into Paint!’, James does not address any of the allegations, just making his content as usual.

However, some were quick to remind Charles about the allegations. Quoting his Tweet promoting the video, one fan said “we haven’t forgotten”, while another said: “You have to be stupid to think that we’re going to forget what you’ve done this fast.”

James Charles pallette video
YouTube: James Charles
Despite some negative feedback, the like/dislike ratio is generally positive on Charles’ March 5 video.

Several Twitter users also accused James of deleting their comments on his YouTube video.

One user remarked: “The fact that in your newest video clearly shows you deleting comments – does the truth hurt Sister?” Another user said: “Deleting previous comments and erasing evidence doesn’t help.”

What happened with James Charles?

Following explosive allegations made by a 16-year-old fan on 26 February, wherein he accuses makeup artist and online personality James Charles of “grooming” him, Charles has been relatively quiet on social media, save for a public statement wherein he said the allegations the fan made were “completely false.”

The following day, two more fans came forward – one of them 17 years old – accusing Charles of more inappropriate conduct. One accuser accused James into “manipulating” them into sending explicit photos of themselves.

The 16-year-old who made the initial accusation has since revealed that he is going to the police about Charles’ conduct, with him posting on Snapchat: “On my way to the police station. Bye sister.”

While Charles never publicly commented on the second wave of accusations, he did make a return to social media on 1 March, where he Tweeted out “good morning” to his fans.

However, this Tweet did not go down well with fans, with one Twitter user accusing him of “sweeping [the accusations] under the rug”, while another noted that this is what James “always does.”

A fresh allegation against James Charles has also surfaced

Prior to James’ return to YouTube, another allegation has been made by TikTok user ‘sillygeorgie’. In a since-deleted TikTok originally uploaded in early March, the user pointed out that James appeared to be flirting with 16-year-old TikToker ‘dunkingsoy’, who displays his age in his TikTok bio.

Showing alleged screenshots of the comments section underneath the minor’s videos, it appeared that James Charles commented saying that he was trying to DM the ‘dunkingsoy’ but wasn’t able to – he then told the young content creator to check is Instagram, implying that he had got in touch with him on there.

The TikTok was shared by YouTube Def Noodles, as the original upload has been removed from TikTok.

“I’m not sure why nobody is talking about it,” ‘sillygeorgie’ said in the TikTok. “I don’t know if it’s off-putting to anyone else, maybe he just wants to be friends. But with a 16-year-old?”

James is yet to publicly address this latest allegation.