JakeNBake goes viral for combining VR character with IRL Twitch stream

JakeNBake dances with VR during IRL streamTwitch/JakeNBakeLive

Twitch star JakeNBakeLIVE is well known for his IRL streams where he tours the world, ranging from adventures in Japan to his home in LA. Now, he’s found a way to bring the virtual world into the real one.

VRChat is home to many interesting characters, some of which have become good friends with JakeNBake, such as fellow streamer Yishai.

During an April 21 broadcast, the IRL entertainer combined VR with his car stream in a genre-bending twist.

Surprising his viewers, JakeNBake brought his virtual friend into his car to sit with him in the front seat – and the result was actually pretty amazing.

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“Yishai, go ahead and make yourself comfy in the seat,” he said as his VR companion got settled.

Eventually, after some back and forth discussion, the two started jamming out to Dr Disrespect’s hit Gillette (The Best A Man Can Get) track.

Jake’s chat was absolutely loving this moment. “This is amazing,” one viewer wrote. “Content gold!” beamed another. A clip of this portion spread widely online, amassing over 100,000 views in under a day.

However, others noted how bizarre this must have looked for anyone just walking by outside unable to see the VR character for themselves.

For anyone outside, unaware of what was really going on, it would appear that Jake was just dancing by himself and interacting with an invisible person.

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Luckily for him, though, no men in white coats showed up, so Jake was able to continue his stream and eventually was able to drive with Yishai sitting up on his dashboard.

In one of the best parts of the whole stream, Yishai began dancing on the dashboard to a remixed version of the iconic Halo theme.

“What a beautiful masterpiece of music,” Jake remarked as his friend danced her heart out.

Combining VR with a driving stream is certainly impressive, and it really does flip the genres on their heads a bit. It will be extremely interesting to see if this trend ends up taking off with other streamers, just like how hot tubs have become the new meta on Twitch.

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