Jakenbake shocked by Twitch bot raid spam just before front page spot

jakenbake with mask around chin talking about bot raidsTwitch: JakenbakeLIVE

Popular IRL Twitch streamer ‘JakenbakeLIVE’ was left confused after receiving multiple large raids from inactive Twitch accounts right before his stream was featured on the front page of the site. 

Jakenbake has amassed over 573,000 followers since he began streaming, with many of them looking forward to his return to IRL broadcasts following an extended break.

During his March 4 return to Singapore, he was met by a stream sniper who wanted to tell the creator how grateful he was for his content.

Now just a few days later, the Twitch streamer was broadcasting when he was met with a handful of raids from inactive accounts — just before his stream was placed on the front page.

Jakenbakelive stream sniperTwitter: atarax_please
Jakenbake was met with a stream sniper during his first night in Singapore.

JakenbakeLIVE bot raid

While live streaming on March 9, Jakenbake received a handful of bot raids and immediately wondered if they were sent by Twitch to artificially inflate his numbers before his front-page feature.

“Bot raids. Wait, why is this happening?” he said. “Does Twitch inflate their viewer count by sending fake raids? I’m supposed to be on the front page soon. There’s no way Twitch inflates their viewer counts just for the front page, right?”

He continued his stream after asking his chat to see if the accounts actually belong to streamers or not.

He continued: “The timing is really weird. No one else knew that I am on the front page spot at four.” According to Twitchtracker, Jakenbake received the influx of viewers roughly an hour before his Twitch feature.

While it’s unknown exactly who sent the alleged bot accounts to his channel, it’s clear that Jake wasn’t comfortable with being raided by them.

The IRL streamer will be leaving Singapore soon to continue his adventure — this time in Thailand.