JakeNBake freaks out after experiencing earthquake during Twitch stream

Michael Gwilliam

Twitch streamer JakeNBake had quite a scare after an earthquake rattled him during a January 31 broadcast.

The popular IRL entertainer was browsing the internet when suddenly his phone starting making a bizarre noise catching the streamer off guard. “What the hell? Earthquake!” he screamed.

He grabbed his phone and stared at the Japanese alert, trying to decipher the message. “Not a joke,” he stressed to his viewers before showing the warning to his viewers.

Just as he did, his room began to shake and a look of alarm came over the young international streamer. “Oh sh*t,” he swore. “I’ve never had an alert on my phone for an earthquake. Oh my God.”

Luckily, the visible shaking stopped after a few seconds, but Jake could still feel the ground rumble beneath him. “It’s still moving,” he noted cautiously.

Other people in the apartment began leaving their rooms. “I can’t read Japanese,” he sighed. “I think it [the alert] says to go downstairs.”

Ultimately, he decided to just stay put and read more about the earthquake online. Amusingly, as he was doing research, he quickly discovered that the Japan Meteorological Agency website was extremely outdated.

“The Japanese UI is ten or fifteen years behind,” he laughed. “It’s always so blocky and looks like it was written on Notepad. It’s really sh*t. Japan, step it up. You’re so advanced. I hate this, dude.”

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, a 5.3 magnitude quake hit the Ibaraki-ken Nambu region at 2:07 AM JST. A five is considered “moderate,” while anything higher can be classified as strong, major, or even great.

Luckily for Jake, he was unharmed and continued on with his late-night stream. Regardless, it was a crazy experience that he went through live in front of his viewers.

As for where the traveler is headed next, the streamer hopes to have something planned for early February, as his last trip to China was cut short due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak.