Jake Paul roasted for claiming he created the “first content house”

Jake Paul poses in a car for an Instagram photoInstagram: Jake Paul

Social media star Jake Paul is being roasted by viewers and fellow influencers after he claimed he was the first person to create a content house, and the person to popularize YouTube boxing.

While Jake Paul sits on a huge subscriber base of 20 million subscribers on his YouTube channel alone, it’s no secret that the star has his fair share of opposition thanks to his polarizing past.

Jake Paul was the leader of content house Team 10 that started back in 2017, and went viral with songs like ‘It’s Everyday Bro’ which accumulated a whopping 275 million views, and currently sits at 3 million likes and 5 million dislikes.

Jake Paul raises his fists after boxing matchInstagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul faced off with YouTuber Deji in August 2018, and ultimately won.

He made his boxing debut in an undercard fight with Deji Olatunji in 2018 as part of his older brother’s big fight with KSI, but he’s now caught some flack for claiming that, among other things, he popularized influencer boxing.

On November 15 Jake tweeted “I create the first content house. Then there’s 500 content houses. I start boxing. Now every influencer is a boxer. What’s next? Y’all gon get raided by the FBI on purpose?”

This of course refers to the incident back in August where the FBI raided Jake Paul’s home after he appeared at a looting in Scottsdale, Arizona. But people haven’t taken kindly to Jake’s trendsetting claims, and have been setting him straight online.

People respond to Jake Paul’s bold claims

YouTuber Joe Weller, who fought KSI before Logan vs KSI, tweeted “Theo Baker started YouTube boxing, end of,” referring to his amateur fight with Theo Baker back in August 2017 prior to his fight with KSI.

JC Caylen, member of former content collective Our Second Life, also had something to say about Jake’s bold claims. “With all due respect my guy, O2L had the first content house.” Though Jake did not seem impressed, replying with a simple “who?”

Twitter users and other influencers also got straight to making jokes about the situation, producing some hilarious memes.

Jake’s tweet certainly seems to have given people a laugh, as did the memes that followed, and have left people casting their minds back through YouTube history to figure out who really set the trends.