Jake Paul reveals reason for FBI raid, debunks “absurd” rumors

Jake Paul speaks to the camera near a boxing ring.YouTube: Jake Paul / DAZN

YouTube star and Team 10 founder Jake Paul has finally spoken out about the FBI raid at his home in Calabasas, California on August 5, and is hitting back at speculation and rumors surrounding the shocking incident.

While Paul has been largely silent in wake of the raid — in which officers found a “small militia’s” worth of weapons — the YouTuber has now broken his silence regarding the matter, and was quick to debunk fan speculation.

In a short video on August 12, Paul clarified that the FBI raid was “entirely related” to his appearance at a looting in Scottsdale, Arizona in May, and had nothing to do with any other claims that critics may be tossing around.

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Paul also spoke out regarding theories that the matter might be related to his pseudo-manager, Armani Izadi, who previously plead guilty to pandering and battery.

“There are rumors about it having to do with so many other things that have nothing to do with me or my character,” he explained. “The s**t that people are making up is absolutely absurd.”

“That being said, when I become aware of someone around me who is doing malicious things, they are immediately cut out of my life,” he continued. “I don’t put up with bulls**t, I don’t surround myself with bad people, and if someone does something bad, they will be removed from my life.”

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(Video courtesy of TheBreadBatch)

Paul’s statement follows claims from a YouTuber that Izadi had allegedly sexually assaulted her at the Team 10 mansion, as told in an interview with Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR on August 6.

Although the youngest Paul brother did not mention this directly, many fans are theorizing that his pointed statement may have to do with the allegations surrounding Izadi — although, for now, Jake is focusing on boxing, music, and creating content.

“I couldn’t be more determined and ready for that fight,” he said, speaking on his upcoming bout with former NBA pro Nate Robinson. “It’s gonna be one of the biggest moments of my life.”

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Paul’s video follows his recent activity on Instagram, where he unfollowed all accounts aside from boxing legend Mike Tyson and the FBI – although whether or not this is a darkly humorous response to the current fiasco remains to be seen.

Stay tuned to Dexerto for more on this developing story.