Jake Paul responds to claims of promoting gambling to kids

Virginia Glaze

Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul has finally given a response to widespread claims that he is promoting gambling to children, after uploading a video advertising an alleged scam website in late December of 2018.

Jake Paul appeared to address concern over the issue in a Tweet on January 3, giving a short warning to younger members of his audience.

“Kids, just a reminder… don’t gamble!” Paul wrote.

He likewise responded to popular YouTuber Ethan Klein’s comments on the matter, who called out Paul for “introducing what is quite literally gambling” to his “eight to 12 year old” viewer base.

Paul replied to Klein’s critical video with a lighthearted Tweet, simply stating, “Lol, love this vid ♥.” Klein gave an incredulous answer to the post, writing, “You loved being called out for selling a gambling scam to underage kids? K.”

Paul appeared to stick to his guns, answering with, “Yes, love it!” shortly thereafter.

Paul isn’t the only big YouTuber to have advertised the website, either; social media star Bryan ‘Ricegum’ Le also promoted ‘mysterybrand.net’ in a video of his own on December 31, which he later decried in a reaction video on January 3, 2019.

Ricegum claimed that he was offered an amount far beyond the $100,000 dollars allegedly offered to Drama Alert’s Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem, feeling that the deal was lucrative enough for him to go through with the promo. However, the YouTuber expressed some remorse due to the video, stating, “I’m kind of defending myself, but I do know that I’m somewhat in the wrong.”

Paul has yet to speak further on the matter.

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