RiceGum shares surprising reaction to being called out by H3H3, PewDiePie for gambling scheme - Dexerto

RiceGum shares surprising reaction to being called out by H3H3, PewDiePie for gambling scheme

Published: 4/Jan/2019 1:19 Updated: 4/Jan/2019 1:29

by Alan Bernal


YouTuber Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le responded to the recent flurry of reactions to his decision to promote a luxury item gambling site on his videos.

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RiceGum released a video on December 31 of him using the gambling site and giving various reactions to items he had won, however content creators such as Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg and H3H3’s Ethan Edward Klein took issue with the promotion of the scamming site to his audience.

In his video, Ricegum suggested that he meant no harm with the video likening the move as a routine creation of promotional content that he thought was fairly normal practice.


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“I need to clear this up, cause I don’t even think it’s a big deal,” Ricegum said.

Although he explains that the deal he was given to promote the gambling site was lucrative enough to think nothing of it, he did see how his actions garnered such a large reaction.

“I don’t know man, I do feel bad,” RiceGum said. “Like, I’m kind of defending myself, but I do know that I’m somewhat in the wrong.”

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Afterward, he cut to Klein’s denouncement of the video, where Klein outlined how those kinds of promotions can create early unhealthy habits in vulnerable viewers.


RiceGum took one last chance to apologize to his viewers while throwing out Amazon gift card codes for anyone to claim.

Hours after his video dropped, RiceGum appeared on Twitch streamer RajjPatel’s Reverse King of the Hill segment where he gave a brief and brazen response to the issue, leading viewers to suspect him of being “fake.”

Given the amount of traction this situation has garnered already, this surely won’t be the last we hear on the matter.