Jake Paul is “ready to step in” if Tommy Fury pulls out of Paul Bamba fight

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Jake Paul will be at the Global Titans boxing event on November 13 as the Special Guest of the night, but he’s ready to step into the ring if his former opponent Tommy Fury takes a last-minute rain check.

On October 3 it was announced that a fight between Tommy Fury and Paul Bamba had been added to the Deji vs Mayweather card slated for November 13. But Fury’s recent history with Jake Paul has boxing fans wondering if he will actually make it to the ring.

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Earlier this year, Fury was scheduled to fight Paul at an event over the summer, but Tommy claimed he had complications when trying to enter the United States that caused him to miss the fight. But with a week to go until the Global Titans event, Fury has yet to encounter issues while attempting to enter Dubai.

On November 6, the Global Titans’ official Twitter account announced that the Problem Child Jake Paul would be at the event, but not as a fighter. Instead, Paul is the special guest for the night and will be keeping a close eye on the main and co-main events.

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Jake Paul ready to “step in” for Tommy Fury

Of course, it wouldn’t be an official Jake Paul appearance if he didn’t find a way to ruffle some feathers. And once again, he has Tommy Fury in his crosshairs.

“Dubai… it’s going to be a party!” Jake Paul is quoted as saying by Global Titans. “I’m ready to step in if Tommy pulls out.”

This is in reference to the two times Tommy Fury backed out of fights with Paul. And while Tommy Fury has a stunning 8-0 record, Paul Bomba doesn’t look too shabby either. He has a record of five wins and two losses since he debuted as a pro boxer in early 2021.

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And if Fury does back down, it isn’t improbable for Paul to take his place. Bamba and Paul are in the same weight class, Paul is coming off a bout with Anderson Silva which means he isn’t out of practice, and Jake has already expressed his interest in stepping in the ring if need be.