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Jake Paul gives surprising explanation for discontinuing his ‘Uncut’ docuseries

Published: 12/Feb/2019 19:31 Updated: 12/Feb/2019 19:48

by Virginia Glaze


Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul unveiled his ‘Jake Paul Uncut’ documentary series in late November of 2018 – but it looks like the social media star is already calling off the project.

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Paul announced the discontinuation of ‘Jake Paul Uncut’ during a vlog on February 11, where he explained that he had been “hiding” new episodes of the series from fans in order to avoid potential blowups due to sensitive footage.

Paul likewise claimed that the documentary became too serious, and that other members of the Team 10 squad balked at having their lives publicized for millions of viewers to see.

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“…the ‘Jake Paul Uncut’ thing became too real for a lot of the parties involved,” he stated. “A lot of the parties involved didn’t want to have that much realness or that much content about their lives out there on social media.”

However, despite the series being shelved, Paul is currently seeking out other ways to showcase the “real” aspects of his life for his audience – which includes finding new members who don’t mind exposing their own lives in front of the camera.

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Jake Paul, InstagramJake Paul explained the absence of his ‘Jake Paul Uncut’ series in a serious vlog, where he claimed that the documentary had gotten “too real.”
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Paul’s ‘Uncut’ series aired shortly after Shane Dawson’s own ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’ documentary in 2018, which Paul claimed to have been inspired by.


Paul’s series delved into his tumultuous relationship with model Erika Costell, as well as his daily life of being an ultra-popular YouTuber. Despite its intriguing premise, the series only saw two episodes before going dark – and now, it looks like the third installment will never see the light of day.