Jake Paul gives Anderson Silva fight prediction as boxing match draws near

Virginia Glaze
Jake Paul gives anderson silva fight prediction

Jake Paul offered his prediction for his upcoming boxing match against UFC legend Anderson Silva… but ‘The Spider’ wasn’t too sure about his opponent’s take on the subject.

YouTube star Jake Paul is shaking up the influencer-boxing world in a huge way, as he’s set to take on MMA GOAT Anderson Silva in the ring come October 29.

The two opponents met face to face for a press conference on September 12 in Los Angeles, where both parties revealed their mutual respect for each other — a major point for Jake Paul, who’s admired the fighter since his childhood.

However, he’s still going to touch gloves with ‘The Spider’ in a month’s time and is confident in his abilities as a boxer… so much so that he believes the bout won’t go past the fifth round, one way or another.

Paul posing with Silva
Both Paul and Silva showed mutual respect for each other.

“It won’t go more than five [rounds],” Paul answered, but then turned the question over to Silva: “Bro, I wanna know your prediction for the fight.”

“Of course!” an excited Silva replied — but his response was interrupted by a sudden photo-op with Logan Paul, who wanted to recreate the photo he and Jake took with Silva when they were just kids.

Throughout the conference, Silva made it clear that he is “excited” to take on Jake Paul, who he views as part of the “new generation” of boxers.

Anderson Silva declines tattoo bet with Jake Paul

That’s not all; Paul also entertained the idea of a bet with Silva, offering to get a spider tattooed on himself if he lost — but Silva wasn’t too interested in that idea.

“No, no, no, stop,” Silva laughed. “Let me tell you something. I don’t need you to get a spider tattoo. I know you’re my fan. Don’t worry. I’m your fan too! I’m a big fan. But I hate tattoos, bro. I hate them! I don’t have them. My kids say, ‘You need to get them dad! You need to get one.'”

Jake says he’ll come up with another bet come the week of fight night. Here’s hoping it’ll be a more successful bet than his failed wager against Dana White.

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