Jake Paul explains why he’s done with YouTube

Jake Paul done with YouTubeJake Paul/Instagram

YouTube star Jake Paul said he doesn’t think the platform pays enough, and confirmed he’ll be stopping his popular vlogs on the site in a new interview.

Paul has been branching out of just content creation lately, notably to boxing and a burgeoning musical career, which he says is much more worthwhile than simply making videos.

While out to drinks with ex “wife” Tana Mongeau and some other friends, Jake definitely made it seem like he’s reconsidering his relationship with the site that’s, arguably, had a good deal to do with bringing him into the mainstream.

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In response to his music career taking off, Jake called YouTube a “dead-end” and assured fans that he’ll be just fine financially without focusing on videos as much.

“Yeah, I don’t f**k with that YouTube s**t, it’s a dead-end,” Paul told The Hollywood Fix outside a bar. “They don’t pay s**t, f**k you YouTube. Nah, I make my money in other ways, I’m the owner of Fanjoy.”

Fanjoy is a merchandise company that partners with various content creators such as David Dobrik, Addison Rae, and more. Chris Vaccarino is listed as the founder and CEO, and while Jake’s full involvement isn’t known, he certainly makes a kickback from any of his merch that’s sold on the site.

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Business dealings aside, a split with the video-sharing site wouldn’t be the first time Paul has had to potentially switch platforms. After getting his start on Vine, he had completely moved to YouTube by the time the app closed down in 2016.

Jake Paul speaks to the camera near a boxing ring.YouTube: Jake Paul / DAZN
Both a music and boxing career might not leave Paul much time for making videos anyways.

There’s one other thing that, while Jake didn’t touch on it in the interview, could have something to do with him cutting down on YouTube content. That is the infamous FBI search warrant of his home on August 5.

While he has clarified that the raid was “entirely related” to his appearance at a looting in Scottsdale, Arizona in May, it’s understandable why he would want to take a step back from the camera for a while, at least, the ones documenting his daily life for everyone to see.

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