Jake Paul doubles down on $60m Kanye West vs Pete Davidson fight offer: “It’s affecting the kids”

YouTube boxer Jake Paul next to Kanye West and Pete Davidson screenshot.YouTube: IMPAULSIVE / BigBoyTV / CThaGod

Jake Paul has doubled down on his offer to pay Kanye West and Pete Davidson $30 million dollars each to fight each other. The YouTube boxer claims their public feud needs to be resolved soon as it is traumatizing Kim Kardashian and her children. 

In March, Jake Paul made waves online after offering Kanye West and Pete Davidson a boxing match with a guaranteed $60 million payout. While some were unsure if he was trolling, the influencer has responded to skeptics and confirmed that he is dead serious.

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In a follow-up interview, the 25-year-old explained that he was actively trying to make the pay-per-view happen and has been in contact with West’s and Davidson’s managers. The YouTuber explained that he was now “sick” of seeing their online feud and believes their beef needs to be settled soon for the sake of their family.

Jake Paul interview with TMZ sports screenshot.TMZ Sports
The YouTube boxer doubled down on his offer to pay Kanye West and Pete Davidson to fight each other.

Jake Paul doubles down on Kanye West vs Pete Davidson boxing match

In a call with TMZ on March 20, Jake Paul opened up about his motivations for trying to make a Kanye West vs Pete Davidson fight happen. “Look I’m sick of them going back and forth on social media,” he said. “And I think it’s affecting the kids’ lives, like Kanye’s and Kim’s kids. They are the ones who are going to take the most trauma from this.”

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While the Problem Child admitted Kanye doesn’t need his $30 million dollar offer, he explained to the sports outlet why he would take the boxing match. “The money might not excite Kanye. But what will excite him is beating up Pete Davidson. And I know Pete used to live in his mom’s basement. So $30 million dollars to him is a lot of money. Plus pay-per-view upside,” he continued.

Paul then doubled down on being serious about the event and said it was already ready to be funded: “We already have financial backers. That’s why I said we will put their money in the bank before the fight happens. Everyone knows I was the highest-paid boxer last year. I can personally guarantee the money myself. But we do have partners and the money is there, the money is good.

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As for the fight’s details, Jake Paul claimed that the Grammy-winning artist and SNL star could meet at 165 lbs and box for a total of six rounds.

The YouTuber ended the interview by adding that his company, Most Valuable Promotions, is ready at a moment’s notice to put on the fight if both West and Davidson agree to the deal.

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