Jaclyn Hill tells TikTok her “humiliating” story of meeting Amber Heard

Jacob Hale
Jaclyn Hill and Amber Heard

YouTuber Jaclyn Hill has spoken out about the “humiliating” experience she had meeting Hollywood actress Amber Heard and called it “one of the worst days of her life,” in a TikTok posted amid Heard’s ongoing court case with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Jaclyn Hill has over 15 million followers across her social media channels, is a huge online star in her own right, and will no doubt have met multiple famous actors and stars in her time.

As such, she’s probably got countless experiences, both good and bad, of when she’s met various stars in all different types of scenarios.

Meeting Amber Heard, though, has been chalked up as one of the worst days of her life — but it wasn’t even necessarily Amber’s fault.

amber heard posing over dinner
Amber Heard is in an ongoing court battle against ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Speaking of the “humiliating” incident on TikTok, Hill revealed that she ran into Heard at a Nobu restaurant and kept making awkward eye contact with her, before finally addressing the actress on the way out.

She said that they started talking about piercings and just generally chatting, before Heard’s security grabbed her and pulled her away.

“Her security guard physically grabs my arm and says ‘Ma’am, come with me,’ and I’m like ‘Okay,’” she said. “He pulls me to the front of the restaurant, the place is packed, everybody is looking, I look back at her and she’s got this weird look on her face. [He] says ‘You have to leave, you’re not allowed to speak to her.’ It was so humiliating.”

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While this wasn’t Amber Heard herself causing issues for Jaclyn, and rather actually being quite friendly, many of the comments on Jaclyn’s TikTok suggest the actress is still to blame.

“Although it wasn’t her that did it, she could’ve stopped it from progressing like it did,” said one comment, which Hill agreed with. Another said that Heard’s lack of action “speaks volumes.” Some speculated that Amber must have given a secret signal to her security to have escorted out.

Needless to say, Heard’s got far bigger things happening right now with the ongoing court case, but stories like these won’t do much for her image, which has soured over the course of the trial.

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