Jacksfilms slams YouTube for inaction over SSSniperwolf doxxing claims

Meera Jacka
Jacksfilms calls for YouTube to demonetize Sssniperwolf after Instagram doxxingYouTube: jacksfilms / YouTube: SSSniperWolf / Unsplash: Tierra Mallorca

It appears the feud between Jacksfilms and Sssniperwolf won’t be ending anytime soon after the latter doxxed her fellow creator on Instagram.

Youtuber and Twitch streamer ‘SSSniperwolf’ has found herself in hot water after a controversial move in her feud with content creator ‘Jacksfilms’.

The drama between the two began back in 2022 after Jacksfilms made a secondary channel mocking SSSniperwolf’s reaction content and alleging she was stealing other’s content for profit.

The pair have been going back and forth ever since, but now, it seems like things are coming to a head. Jacksfilms is calling for YouTube to demonetize and deplatform SSSniperwolf after she doxxed him on Instagram.

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Jacksfilms claims that Sssniperwolf doxxed both him and his wife

A screenshot of SSSniperwolf’s Instagram story showed the streamer asking followers if she should “visit” Jacksfilms as he lived only minutes away from where she was shooting content.

“Sssniperwolf just doxxed me on her [Instagram],” Jacksfilms shared on Twitter, revealing that a photo on her story had been taken “right outside” his home. “In what universe do you think that’s okay? In what reality do you live in where you think this behavior is justified?”

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Labeling her actions “creepy, gross, [and] violating,” he didn’t hold back in calling Sssniperwolf out and accusing her of being “dangerous.” Jacksfilms said, “You steal content AND stalk YouTubers.”

He then went on to tag YouTube’s official Twitter account, demanding they demonetize Sssniperwolf’s content or “just get her off your platform.”

Viewers slammed Sssniperwolf’s “unhinged” behavior, stating it was “completely unacceptable” and backing up Jacksfilms’ call for YouTube to take action.

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Tagging the platform, one wrote, “Are you guys gonna do something? Or she makes you guys way too much money so you will brush it under the rug?”

In response to Jacksfilms’ tweet, Sssniperwolf posted another Instagram story in which she wrote, “This creep has been harassing me for months then plays victim saying I threatened him when I just wanted to talk. I have no ill intentions. It’s so sad when people have to constantly create drama to pay their bills.”

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Jacksfilms files report to YouTube asking for Sssniperwolf to be deplatformed

On October 17, Jacksfilms confirmed that he had filed a report to YouTube regarding Sssniperwolf’s doxxing saying that he sent video evidence of “a black-and-white case that holds dangerous implications if it goes unchecked.”

He reiterated his belief that Sssniperwolf’s actions constituted a “clear example of doxxing and a clear violation of your policy.” He ended the post by asking YouTube to “act now and remove this channel from your platform,” confirming his belief that Sssniperwolf should be deplatformed.

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YouTube has not yet publicly responded to Jacks’ latest request to remove Sssniperwolf from the video platform. We will update this page if more information becomes available.

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