Island Boys’ former manager claims their bank account has “run dry”

Dylan Horetski
The Island Boys are allegedly broke
Instagram: kodiyakredd

During a recent podcast, The Island Boys’ former manager claimed that they still owe him $150,000 and that they have pretty much “run dry,” implying that the brothers don’t have any money. 

In October 2021, The Island Boy’s very own kodiyakredd posted the freestyle rap onto his TikTok account. It quickly went viral, gaining millions of views and thousands of shares.

Their popularity caught the attention of Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart, as well as Logan Paul who brought the brothers onto his Impaulsive podcast where they wound up storming off the set after a hostile conversation with George Janko.

On a recent episode of the No Jumper podcast, their former manager spoke about The Island Boys, alleging that they have “pretty much run dry.”

Are The Island Boys broke?

During the podcast, their former manager, “Poker The Jew,” revealed that The Island Boys did him dirty.

“They owe me about $150,000,” he revealed.

One of the hosts asked what they owed him the money for, and Poker explained that it was his cut of the money they made from doing Cameo videos for fans.

Poker also explained that they only bring money in from Cameo and a little bit from TikTok, but “they’ve pretty much run dry at this point,” implying that The Island Boys do not have any money.

 (Topic starts at 0:37 in the video)

However, their alleged financial troubles may be a thing of the past soon. Back in April, it was revealed that The Island Boys were set to compete in an influencer boxing reality show that could potentially see the boys bring home $1,000,000.

If you ask the internet, though, their boxing skills aren’t exactly up to par.