Viral Island Boys boxing clip brutally roasted: "Somebody please feed them" - Dexerto

Viral Island Boys boxing clip brutally roasted: “Somebody please feed them”

Published: 26/Apr/2022 6:00 Updated: 26/Apr/2022 4:55

by Dave Deiley


The Island Boys’ are masters of drumming up negative reception. They’ve attracted heat this time for a video showcasing the pair attempting to box against each other. 

The video, initially posted to Island Boy ‘Flyysoulja’s account, has been picked up by a number of outlets. And people have not been kind.

In the boxing display you can see thirty seconds of the twins throwing punches at the air while making fight sounds, then offscreen, you hear “ay tell ’em all where they can book you at.” The twins then launch into a sell for their cameo, mirroring another boxing video posted to twin brother ‘KodiyakRedd’s account featuring the same cameo promo.


Retweeted by ESPN Ringside, the outlet asks for viewers to “Rate the Island Boys boxing skills 1-10” with many commenting “Zero.

Comments on the videos and on Twitter have gone in mocking the brothers. Comedian and boxer CoreyB came in swinging, saying “S***. I thought I was watching 2 feral cats go at it.”

Fitness influencer Bradley Martyn also expressed his opinion, though in a much simpler fashion, merely replying “What?”

Another user, referencing the Bryce Hall beef currently brewing around a supposed 2v1 fight, commented “perhaps I treated Bryce Hall too harshly.”

Bryce Hall, without directly referencing the boxing video also posted to his own Twitter with an unverified claim that the fight between them has been confirmed. Saying “the island boys accepted my fight offer & I was just sent rare training footage. Looks like it’s gonna be a challenging fight on my part” before linking through to a video titled “Island boys make out with each other.”


Former MMA bantamweight champion Tara LaRosa was also seen to throw her opinion in the videos. “Could somebody please feed them ffs.

Following on from the intense reception, there has been no direct response from the boys themselves, and no confirmation of whether this video was truly them prepping for a fight against another social media star, or simply an attempt to secure the Cameo bag.