Island Boys thought ‘I’m An Island Boy’ was “trash” before it went viral on TikTok

Island Boys reveal they though their song was trashYouTube: Steve-O's Wild Ride! - Podcast

Rap duo the Island Boys went viral last year due to their divisive track of the same name — but despite how famous they’ve become because of it, they didn’t initially think the song was up to snuff.

The Island Boys took over headlines left and right in late 2021. Their song ‘I’m An Island Boy’ went viral on TikTok, and subsequently on YouTube, with folks all over the net belting out the tune’s catchy lyrics.

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Of course, the rappers incurred quite a bit of criticism as a result — most notably from rap legend Snoop Dogg and comedian Kevin Hart, who dubbed the pair as “two goofballs in a pool.”

They’ve incurred a few beefs with top-tier influencers along the way, as well, including Logan Paul and TikTok star Bryce Hall (who’s still trying to negotiate a 2 vs 1 fight with the duo).

Now, the Island Boys are a household name… but they didn’t expect to blow up because of a song that left many on the internet scratching their heads.

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The pair opened up on their sudden musical success during an episode of Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Podcast on April 7, where they admitted they felt the song was actually “trash” in the beginning.

Island Boys on InstagramInstagram: kodiyakredd
The Island Boys are a rap duo who recently gained international fame for their song by the same name.

Island Boys admit they thought viral song was “trash”

“Okay, we didn’t think it was gonna blow up like that,” one of the rappers said. “We dropped five freestyles on TikTok. We thought the Spanish song was gonna blow up, but the Island Boy did. I thought it was trash at first.”

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“I laughed at it!” the other revealed.

“He told me, ‘Bro, just listen to me. Just go with the Island Boy thing, right?'” he continued. “And I’m like, I’m gonna laugh at him. I’m gonna respect him, he’s my twin brother and we work together, right?”

“Swear to god, he said it was gonna go viral. And it did go viral.”

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Despite their initial reservations about the song, it certainly put the two on the map in a big way.

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For now, it looks like the rappers will continue to focus on their musical careers as fight negotiations continue to falter for their possible first-ever boxing match.

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