iShowSpeed ‘kidnapping’ prankster reveals guns were almost used by gang members – Exclusive

Michael Gwilliam
ishowspeed kidnapped in brazil as prank

Popular YouTuber IShowSpeed was left fearing for his life after being “kidnapped” by gang members in Brazil, but it was all a prank orchestrated by fellow content creator ‘Arab.’

YouTube pranks can often get out of control, especially with the amount of money available to them to really go all-out on crafting a scary scenario and that’s exactly what happened to IShowSpeed.

During a trip to Brazil, Speed was live-streaming while walking through districts when he was suddenly confronted by gang members holding weapons who grabbed onto the YouTuber scaring the daylights out of him.

However, the ordeal was just a prank by Arab who began dancing and chanting with the gang shortly thereafter.

Arab reveals he wanted to prank IShowSpeed with guns

Arab, who frequents dangerous places as part of his YouTube content revealed to Dexerto how he planned out this nefarious prank. It turns out the prankster had an even crazier plan in mind if Speed was on Kick instead of YouTube.

According to the YouTuber, he originally wanted to prank Speed with guns and more lethal weapons, but didn’t want to get in trouble with the platform.

“Because it was a YouTube and not a Kick stream, they would have allowed that, we told them to do it with no weapons, just baseball bats and stuff,” he said.

While Speed hasn’t forgiven Arab yet, the YouTuber believes that he’ll accept it because of the views it’ll help generate. “I knew it would go viral,” he added.

“As for the gang members, I believe it’s a sign that when you come in and show respect and you approve these people can be humane, a lot of the time their fights are with each other,” he explained. “Don’t get me wrong, these guys can do bad things, it’s part of being somewhere lawless, but people need to stop being afraid of these places.”

Arab’s content is some of the wildest on YouTube with the creator frequenting some of the Earth’s scariest locations.

In his most recent series, he was living with the Mexican cartel and even interviewed a hitman.

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