Is HAchubby joining OfflineTV? Fan speculation grows as she visits USA

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During HAchubby’s visit to the United States in January, fans speculated whether the popular Korean Twitch streamer could be joining OfflineTV after visiting their house for a collaboration broadcast with Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys.

HAchubby was one of the breakout stars of Twitch in 2019, as the Korean streamer connected with viewers on her journey to learn English with her chat through meme culture.

However, after her second visit to the United States, speculation grew as to whether the personality could eventually be joining OfflineTV after she posted a photo wearing their merchandise.

The popular Korean streamer is currently visiting the US.

Could HAchubby join OfflineTV?

The streamer visited the United States for the second time on January 16th, and documented her trip meeting up with American-based streamers such as AngelsKimi, MayaHiga, and TheSushiDragon.

However, the Twitch personality joined Pokimane for a stream on January 21 where the two discussed a variety of topics, such as her journey to learn English. “If you move to Los Angeles, you would learn English in six months. Done!” she told the Korean.

The following day on January 22, HAchubby joined the rest of the OfflineTV crew, which included LilyPichu, Fedmyster, Pokimane, and Michael Reeves, for a group IRL broadcast at Universal Studios in California.

While doing collaboration streams is not proof of her joining, HAchubby has showed interest in moving to America in the past, and when newest member YouTuber Michael Reeves joined the streaming group, he had hung out with them on numerous occasions before it became official.

Fan speculation was fueled further when the Korean streamer posted a photo on her Instagram on January 24, wearing an OfflineTV hoodie, which she had sported during their Universal broadcast.

The Korean streamer posted a photo of her wearing OfflineTV merchandise.

After posting the photo, fans wondered if she could be the latest member to join OfflineTV, such as user ‘oceanic_pears’ who jokingly cracked “Lmao Hachu new member confirmed?” – a sentiment that was seen in the chat during the group’s broadcast.

Fans speculated whether she could be joining the streaming collective.

Only time will tell if HAchubby will ever move to the States to stream or whether she will land at the OfflineTV house, but fans can’t help but think of the possibility after her recent vacation.

At the time of this article, the Korean personality has amassed over 162k followers, which is all the more impressive considering she gained almost all of her viewers in just under a year since gaining popularity in 2019.

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