Is Better Help really ‘YouTube’s biggest scam?’ Philip DeFranco says no

Virginia Glaze

Online counseling service Better Help is currently at the center of a massive YouTube controversy, after Drama Alert host KEEMSTAR reported speculation toward its shady terms of service and negative reviews.

While the site’s ambiguous TOS have since been revealed as ‘legalese’ to prevent liability, KEEMSTAR continues to take issue with YouTubers promoting the service – one of which is news YouTuber Philip DeFranco, who KEEMSTAR feels is making money off of his mentally ill fans.

DeFranco vehemently denied these claims, feeling that BetterHelp is a “good product and sponsor with a good purpose” that was “well-received” by his viewers. He even claims to use the service himself, although KEEMSAR has questioned this claim.

While Defranco admitted that the site’s TOS were concerning, he pointed out that BetterHelp has largely positive reviews online, with an A+ from the Better Business Bureau among top scores on other credited sites.

He also addressed those who felt like BetterHelp was turning them away after a brief appraisal or escalation of their mental state, stating that the service would rather patients seek help from face-to-face therapists than continue treatment that isn’t right for them.

In addition, DeFranco referenced a statement made by Better Help founder Alon Matas, who wrote that the service has a strict vetting process for their counselors, and does not allow just anyone to sign up as a therapist.

DeFranco ceased partnership with Better Help following KEEMSTAR’s video on the subject, and will film an investigation into the service’s office with a third-party journalist.