Is Better Help really ‘YouTube’s biggest scam?’ Philip DeFranco says no - Dexerto

Is Better Help really ‘YouTube’s biggest scam?’ Philip DeFranco says no

Published: 9/Oct/2018 0:27

by Virginia Glaze


Online counseling service Better Help is currently at the center of a massive YouTube controversy, after Drama Alert host KEEMSTAR reported speculation toward its shady terms of service and negative reviews.

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While the site’s ambiguous TOS have since been revealed as ‘legalese’ to prevent liability, KEEMSTAR continues to take issue with YouTubers promoting the service – one of which is news YouTuber Philip DeFranco, who KEEMSTAR feels is making money off of his mentally ill fans.

DeFranco vehemently denied these claims, feeling that BetterHelp is a “good product and sponsor with a good purpose” that was “well-received” by his viewers. He even claims to use the service himself, although KEEMSAR has questioned this claim.


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While Defranco admitted that the site’s TOS were concerning, he pointed out that BetterHelp has largely positive reviews online, with an A+ from the Better Business Bureau among top scores on other credited sites.

He also addressed those who felt like BetterHelp was turning them away after a brief appraisal or escalation of their mental state, stating that the service would rather patients seek help from face-to-face therapists than continue treatment that isn’t right for them.

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In addition, DeFranco referenced a statement made by Better Help founder Alon Matas, who wrote that the service has a strict vetting process for their counselors, and does not allow just anyone to sign up as a therapist.


DeFranco ceased partnership with Better Help following KEEMSTAR’s video on the subject, and will film an investigation into the service’s office with a third-party journalist.