Ironmouse hits back at criticism over constantly changing VTuber models

VShojo VTuber Ironmouse new halloween modelTwitch: Ironmouse

VShojo star Ironmouse has revamped her model yet again, debuting a new look as Satan in time for Halloween. However, some have questioned why she’s changing models yet again. It doesn’t faze Ironmouse, who claimed “variety is the spice of life”.

Ironmouse has a lot of VTuber models. The VShojo star likens it to just having a change of clothes as a regular person would, and she does the laundry a lot more frequently than other virtual stars.

She went through another change in late 2022, just in time for Halloween, debuting a spooky version of Satan. With bat wings and claws gripping around her body, it was still distinctly Ironmouse with the wavy pink and purple hair and the horns.

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It didn’t stop some from constantly criticizing the star’s forever-changing look. All that is white noise to Ironmouse though, who said at the end of the day, all the models will always be instantly recognizable as Satan herself.

“Listen, here’s the thing. I think all my models look like me,” she said on stream. “There are elements where you can tell it’s me. I’ve been asked questions by people who are like ‘aren’t you worried if you change models so much, people won’t know it’s you?’ Trust me, they’ll know it’s me. 

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“I have my pink and purple hair. I always have hearts, always have horns.”

She continued on, talking about how the anime style and all its different off-shoots lends itself to plenty of fan art. With plenty of possibilities ⁠— way more than her wardrobe could ever afford her ⁠— why wouldn’t see what to change it up regularly?

“Variety is the spice of life. If I wanted to look the same I would have become a flesh streamer. I’m f**king anime, why wouldn’t I want to look different all the time? The possibilities are endless.”

Ironmouse had some hard words for those critics too: “To be able to wake up and be like ‘oh, I think I want to look like this today;’ it’s fun. Who are you? Opposed to fun? When I see comments like that, to me it’s like ‘wow you must be so fun at parties.’”

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Her latest model received a rapturous reception upon debut, and it’s her most intricate yet with all the toggles and special effects. However, don’t be surprised if in six months’ time it’s entirely different again as she does the laundry and gets a new change of clothes.