IRL Twitch stars slam Kick streamer for shouting at Japanese train goers

Suspendas in a train playing loud musicKick: Suspendas

IRL Twitch stars are slamming Kick streamer ‘Suspendas’ after a clip of him surfaced shouting at Japanese train goer and telling them to learn English. 

A streamer who had transitioned to Kick from Twitch, Suspendas, is receiving massive backlash from the IRL streaming community for disrupting passengers of a train in Japan. 

In the stream, he can be seen wearing a small bluetooth speaker playing music loudly as he is slouched over his camera speaking to himself in obscenities. Some people claim he was heavily drinking before the incident.

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A passenger can be heard telling him to shut it off multiple times, and the person next to him attempted to turn down the speaker. 

This prompted the streamer to act aggressively towards the passengers. He would go on to argue with them, prompting him to tell them to learn English after they started lecturing him in Japanese. 

“No speakers in the train,” the Japanese man said, after Suspendas refused to listen to him.

“I wanted to speak English to you,” Suspends replied. By the end of the clip, Suspendas can be seen being guided away by a train station worker.

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Suspendas faces backlash for behavior on Japanese train

Twitch streamer Arex, who IRL streams frequently and is a American living in Japan just like Suspendas, responded in a tweet saying, “I’m tired of seeing IRL streamers that come here thinking they’re tough sh*t and forcing everyone to play by their rules to only disrespect the culture.”

He also points out Suspendas has been living in Japan for the past 8 years, and should already know the etiquettes of Japanese public transport. 

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Jakenbake, a IRL streamer also responded, saying, “I don’t know how IRL is regressing to this. Holds us all back.”

Suspendas has had a long history in the IRL streaming world as part of Ice Poseidon’s entourage when he frequently streamed on Twitch. He eventually made the switch to Kick. 

It is on Kick where he appeared nude on his live stream, and allegedly paid a sex worker to have sex with him live on stream.

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