IRL Twitch streamer stunned by most wholesome ‘stream sniper’ ever in Japan

Bill Cooney

IRL streamer Trevor ‘Hitch’ Daneliuk had a random encounter with a man who delivered him food on the side of the road, while livestreaming his journey through Japan on Twitch.

Hitch documents his hitchhiking travels, hence the name, for viewers on Twitch, and recently he has been making his way through Japan.

Besides showing viewers how the country looks on foot during his journey, Hitch has also run into a few fans, including a man who randomly delivered him a meal.


As the streamer is walking down the street, a black car quickly approaches and stops right next to him, initially giving Hitch a scare.

Inside the car is a man who, without saying a word, hands Hitch a bag of food and begins pouring him a nice fresh cup of coffee. He even has a disposable cup on hand for the streamer to take with him, so this impromptu meal delivery definitely seems to have been planned out.

The man explains that his wife made the coffee and food and after being thanked by Hitch, the ‘stream sniper’ disappears down the road.

It turns out that this same man had previously encountered Hitch, and given him a ride earlier, before finding him again to give him some coffee and food.

The friendly man may have just become the most wholesome example of “stream sniping” ever.

It’s a great example of the hospitality and customs in Japan, which has been exemplified on Hitch’s streams, with plenty of strangers willing to help out a travelling American. Shortly after this encounter, a random woman agreed to give Hitch a ride to his next destination too.

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