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IRL streamer confronted by police for ‘bullying’ homeless woman

Published: 28/Nov/2019 11:43 Updated: 28/Nov/2019 15:23

by Matt Porter


IRL streamer Sherwin was confronted by Metropolitan Police in London for “bullying” a homeless woman after calling the authorities over a missing Oyster card.

‘In-Real-Life’ streams often see content creators take to the streets, and on Tuesday, November 26, Sherwin took to the streets of England’s capital city in clown makeup, meeting a homeless woman named Charlie at the start of his broadcast.

After some discussion about her current needs, Sherwin offered to give the woman his Oyster card, which is used on the city’s Underground system for travel, with the woman asking him if he was sure before taking it, while the streamer offered to go with her to check it worked.

Sherwin then decided that he had made a mistake, confronting the woman and asking for the Oyster card back, who explained that she had lost the Oyster card he had given her.

The streamer then decided to call the police, stating that he had been “robbed and mugged,” before telling police that she was selling it for drugs, and he thought he needed help.

Shortly after his call, London’s Metropolitan Police appeared on the scene, talking to both parties involved about the incident as they attempted to straighten the facts of the situation.

After giving his side of the story, the female officer in attendance stated: “I’m confused though because you’ve told me that you gave it to her,” with Sherwin replying: “I wanted to test her if she needed it, the cash.”

Eventually, the police confirmed that no offense had been committed, and a male officer attending the scene gave the streamer a stern talking to about his behavior, telling him that he was bullying her.

“This is not a crime,” he told Sherwin. “You’ve given her the Oyster card. Why have you got this contraption? Why are you filming everything? Why are you dressed up like this? Were you holding out this Oyster card with the intention of getting more views or social media status?”

“To be honest, that’s how it appears. You’re wasting my time, you’re wasting my colleague’s time. This poor lady is on the streets, she’s homeless. Have a bit of respect, please. She doesn’t have a choice. First, you started the whole story saying I gave her my Oyster card, now you’ve said to me that you held up your card in her face and said; ‘Do you need an Oyster card?’ Do you understand how that comes across to a homeless person?”

“It’s like going up to a dog and holding up some food, and please, I’m not comparing her to a dog, I’m using an analogy. That’s effectively what you’re doing to people. These people have lives to lead too, now go and lead your own life, and don’t pick on others, it’s bullying. Grow up.”

Sherwin, who regularly streams on YouTube, was forced to leave without the Oyster card, telling his stream that he had made an error in letting her have it in the first place.

No charges were filed against either the streamer of the woman, but Sherwin certainly got an intense lecturer from the officer over his behavior.


Twitch accused of hypocrisy after permanently banning streamer for their account age

Published: 24/Jan/2021 18:10 Updated: 24/Jan/2021 18:14

by Dexerto


After streamer AverageHarry was permanently banned because his account was created when he was under 13, Twitch viewers have pointed out that other streamers in a similar position have not faced the same consequences.

Twitch regularly faces scrutiny over their moderation decisions and bans for streamers, which often spark confusion over what exactly the rules allow.

The DMCA drama from October left many big streamers stripping their channels of content in fear of a takedown, and Twitch’s TOS policy change that restricted the use of words like ‘simp’ left streamers in fear of breaking the rules unintentionally.

15-year-old streamer AverageHarry was denied Twitch partnership earlier in January due to the fact that he made his account before the age of 13, after waiting 72 days for a response to his application.

While that was already a pretty tough blow, things were made worse when, on January 23, he was perma-banned. He clarified on Twitter that: “I am allowed to make another account, but I have just lost nearly 90k followers.”

But now Twitch users are noticing some inconsistencies in Twitch’s decision to ban Harry, as popular streamers, with millions of followers, also made their account when under 13 – but have not faced bans.

One user pointed out that hugely popular 16-year-old streamer TommyInnit had his account when he was only 11, but has not faced the same issues in terms of partner status and bans. The user called it “gross hypocrisy” from Twitch.

Tommyinnit’s Twitch account was made when he was 11 years old. Gross hypocrisy from Twitch or what? from r/LivestreamFail

Another commenter pointed out that several Fortnite streamers are all in a similar position, with some of them having likely started their accounts when they were under the age of 13. Streamer ONSCREEN highlighted a list of streamers with millions of followers, all of whom made accounts when younger than 13 – some as young as 10.

If Twitch followed through on bans for all of the streamers who made their account when they were below 13, even if they have since surpassed that age, it would certainly spell bad news for a lot of large communities on the site.

However, it is also possible that there are conditions within the Twitch TOS that are accounting for these discrepancies, meaning some streamers are still permitted to keep their account according to the rules, even if they made their account before the age of 13.

The reason for the 13-year-old age limit is linked to COPPA laws, which aim to protect young people online. In 2019, Google and YouTube had to pay a record $170 million to settle allegations of COPPA laws.

Harry revealed that he only signed up for Twitch two months before he turned 13, saying: “I spent 2 years and nearly 2000 hours streamed just for it to be taken away because I signed up 2 months early.”

Fans of Harry are now looking to Twitch for answers regarding the confusing situation.

AverageHarry makes new Twitch account

As he was allowed to do, AverageHarry has now made a new Twitch account, and asked for his fans to follow him there.

Within 24 hours of opening the account, he has already accrued 3,700 followers, and will be gunning to hit five figures soon. But, getting back to his original 90,000 will prove a challenge.