Instagram, Whatsapp & Facebook Messenger down: Users report widespread outage

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Popular social media service Instagram is down, with hundreds of users across the world reporting widespread outage.

Instagram started experiencing issues at approximately 10:00 AM on March 19, according to data taken from Down Detector. Since then, thousands of users have been unable to access the popular photo sharing app.

This isn’t the only service experiencing problems, either; popular platforms WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are also experiencing issues, with users unable to use the apps.

Instagram outages March
On March 19, users across the UK and the United States began experiencing problems using Instagram.

While it seems that some users in the United States can access Instagram, thus far, still others cannot login or access the site, at all.

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When will Instagram be back up?

Instagram has yet to respond to the issue via any official social media channels just yet, leaving users in the dark as to what exactly is going on across the platform. WhatsApp and Facebook similarly have not spoken out.

There’s currently no word on when the app will be back up and running normally, but we’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE March 13, 11:25 AM PST: All services are now back up and operating normally.

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