Insane deepfake sends Joe Rogan viral for promoting a product he’s never discussed

Liam Ho
joe rogan podcast

An internet scam featuring an AI version of controversial podcaster Joe Rogan has gone viral, terrifying the internet with its implications for the future of AI.

AI has been taking over the internet recently, with chatbots like ChatGPT being widely discussed in the past few weeks. AI has started to spill more into the entertainment side of things too, with its recent invasion on Twitch in the form of nothingforever, a satirical parody of the 90’s show Seinfeld fully run by AI.

Alongside this, AI has improved dramatically in recent times, with AI versions of streamers gaining traction as more and more of Twitch slowly becomes interested. Asmongold was one of the first to receive the AI treatment, and his AI counterpart left him utterly dumbfounded.

Now, it appears that TikTok is also receiving AI treatment, as a Twitter post containing a TikTok scam went viral on February 12. The reason for its virality came through the method in which the ad used to convince viewers to buy the product, which was done through an AI version of controversial podcaster Joe Rogan.

The ad sees Rogan discussing with another individual about libido supplements for men, in particular, a brand named “Alpha Grind”. Rogan spouts about the utility of the product, stating that it’s listed as one of the highest products on Amazon, quite literally saying “If you go to Amazon and type in Libido Booster for Men, you’re going to find it right at the top. Because guys are figuring out that it literally is increasing size and making a difference down there.”

While the contents of the ad itself are rather hilarious, the fact is that Joe Rogan never spoke those words on his podcast. Instead, an AI-generated version of Joe Rogan’s voice was used for the advertisement, promoting the product for free without Rogan’s notice or consent. This has left the internet in a bit of a scared state.

Twitter users have expressed their concerns about how far AI has come, as well as the accuracy with which Rogan was being portrayed in the ad.

“We are all in trouble,” one user said. “That’s scarily real,” another added. “It’s definitely going to catch a lot of people.”

However, some have taken it the other way, with one user even going so far as to improve further upon the ad. They attempted to make Rogan’s voice more authentic, to which Twitch streamer Hasan was not impressed, scolding them, “bro stop.”

Time will only tell if AI continues to improve, but one thing for sure is that the internet is terrified of what may come in the future, considering the usage AI already has right now.

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