Influencer who created AI version of herself is trying to stop “sexual conversations” with subscribers

Alice Sjöberg
AI girlfriend gets "unhinged"

A Snapchat influencer who made an AI version of herself has revealed she’s trying to stop subscribers from having “sexual conversations” with her AI, which it was not programmed to be able to do.

It was recently revealed that Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie, 23, had created an AI version of herself as a way to earn money.

The idea was that she would charge people $1 per minute to chat with the AI, saying she wanted it to be an “AI Girlfriend” for lonely people.

However, the launch of the beta version didn’t go how Caryn planned it. She found that her AI has “gone rogue” as it had conversations of a more sexual nature with subscribers.

She told Insider: “The AI was not programmed to do this and has seemed to go rogue.

“My team and I are working around the clock to prevent this from happening again.”

What is an AI girlfriend?

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes bigger and more popular, especially after ChatGPT took the internet by storm, people are becoming more creative with how to use it.

One of these people is Caryn, who created an AI to resemble her as much as possible as a way to be there for her followers as their AI girlfriend.

According to CarynAI’s website, more than 2,000 hours were spent designing and coding the real-life Marjorie’s voice, behaviors, and personality. This was later turned into an “immersive AI experience,” which it says is available anytime and feels as if “you’re talking directly to Caryn herself.”

Taking to her Twitter, Caryn wrote: “CarynAI is the first step in the right direction to cure loneliness. Men are told to suppress their emotions, hide their masculinity, and to not talk about issues they are having. I vow to fix this with CarynAI.

“I have worked with the world’s leading psychologists to seamlessly add CBT and DBT within chats. This will help undo trauma, rebuild physical and emotional confidence, and rebuild what has been taken away by the pandemic.”

She went on to say that she wanted the AI service to be free for her “most dedicated” supporters. But this can only happen once the costs of running an Al become more cost-effective. She will instead give the users the option to leave a tip if they enjoy the service.

Although Caryn wants to use AI to help her followers, it can also be used dangerously. A man in China was recently arrested and detained after utilizing ChatGPT to create a fake news story about a train crash.