MrBeast reveals what he wants to do with everything he owns before he dies

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YouTube philanthropist MrBeast has revealed that he wants to give away everything he owns before he dies, mentioning that dying with a bunch of money in the bank is a “dumb.” 

With over 94 million subscribers on YouTube, MrBeast is well known around the world for his high-dollar videos like the record-breaking Squid Game recreation.

He’s also known for his charity, Beast Philanthropy, as well as giving back in other ways like his recent Feastables clearout which did by posting a ‘free’ promo code on Twitter that was available for 10 minutes.

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Now in an interview with TubeBuddy, MrBeast has revealed that he doesn’t plan on stopping his philanthropy anytime soon as he explained he wants to give away everything he owns before he dies.

MrBeast wants to give away everything he owns

Streamed on April 23, TubeBuddy interviewed MrBeast, who revealed what he has planned for his life’s earnings before he eventually passes away.

While MrBeast had an initial goal of earning one billion dollars and then giving it all away, he explained that he has an updated goal.

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“I know that dying with a bunch of money is a complete waste of time, not a waste of time, it’s just dumb,” The YouTuber explained. “I enjoy helping people and so if I am going to spend my whole life just making money because it is kind of fun before I die, I literally wanna give away 100% of everything that I own.”

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MrBeast went on to explain his thought process even further, mentioning that he wants to make as much money as he can before he dies.

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He said: “Just, why not? Who cares? After I’m dead, I’m dead. Instead of putting a dollar amount on it, now it’s just I just want to make as much money as I can in my life and then do as much good with that money before I die.”

It’s not clear how the YouTuber plans to give away all of his money, but given his history, its safe to expect his final giveaway to be one of his greatest.

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