Ice Poseidon’s beef with Hampton Brandon escalates in a livestreamed fistfight

Virginia Glaze

Controversial IRL streamer Ice Poseidon got into a physical altercation with fellow streamer Hampton Brandon – and caught the fistfight in a live broadcast on YouTube.

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The two threw down on Hollywood Boulevard, where Poseidon streamed the altercation with an over the shoulder camera attached to the strap of his backpack, rendering the footage reminiscent of a first-person video game.

Although the beginning of the clip appeared to show the two making up, Hampton quickly removed his accessories and got into a fighting stance, which Poseidon then engaged.

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While both streamers got a few punches in, Poseidon ultimately lost the brawl. He went live after the altercation to showcase his new wounds, congratulating his opponent while at the same time holding that he was the real winner of their spat.

“I’ll take the L,” he said during his post-fight broadcast. “But in the end, I still win.”

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Poseidon claimed that their beef had sparked when he’d refused to stream with Hampton, who Poseidon felt had been upset at this rejection. He alleged that this had prompted Hampton to assault other members of his brand, the CX Network, before coming for Poseidon, himself.

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Hampton’s assault on one of these members, Salmon Andy, was caught during a live stream, as well as another attack on CX streamer Sam Pepper – the full video of which has not yet been released.

Hampton and Poseidon mentioned throwing down in a legitimate boxing match in the beginning of their fight’s livestream, to boot. With YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul having boxed in late August, Ice Poseidon and Hampton could possibly have a potential boxing match in the future.

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