How to watch Ibai stream Messi’s first PSG match for free on Twitch

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Twitch streamer Ibai has gained permission to stream Lionel Messi’s first match with Paris-Saint Germain F.C., meang fans of the Spanish streamer and Argentine forward can enjoy the game on the streaming platform.

Ibai is one of the biggest Twitch streamers, now with over 7 million followers. He has built a relationship with players like Sergio Aguero, with who he attended the leaving party for superstar footballer Lionel Messi.

On August 25, Ibai announced that he will be livestreaming Messi’s first match with his new club on Twitch, free of charge. Here’s how and when to watch the match.

Wiki commons/Ibai
Ibai will be streaming Messi’s first match with PSG.

How To Watch Messi’s first match on Ibai’s Twitch

The match vs. Reims will be streamed live on Ibai’s Twitch channel on August 29, which you can watch below.

Messi’s first PSG match: When to Watch

Messi’s first game with PSG will be on Sunday, August 29 at 11:45 AM PT / 2:45 ET / 7:45 BST / 8:45 CET.

Ibai makes mention that he will be streaming the match with image, marking quite a historic achievement for a streamer to have rights to stream an international sporting event on Twitch.

What to expect

While there is a lot of hype for Messi making his PSG debut, Ibai’s stream may potentially be restricted to Spanish-only viewers. If so, viewers from elsewhere would need to use a VPN.

However, Amazon currently has the rights to the majority of Ligue 1 matches, and of course, Amazon owns Twitch, so it’s possible that the stream will be available for anyone worldwide.

Hopefully, viewers across the world will be able to watch the match as it will be a huge moment for football and Messi fans everywhere.