Twitch streamer Ibai spotted attending Lionel Messi party with Sergio Aguero

Wiki commons/Ibai

Superstar Spanish Twitch streamer Ibai Llanos was spotted heading into Lionel Messi’s house with Sergio Aguero for the Barca star’s going away party.

The biggest news in the football world the first week of August 2021 was definitely Lionel Messi officially leaving his longtime club Barcelona.

After the club announced that Messi would be ending his 21-year run with the team on August 5, the legendary athlete did what superstar celebrities are best at: he threw a massive going away party at his house on Saturday, August 7.

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The usual who’s who of FC Barcelona were in attendance — including Pique and Sergio Aguero. But as you can see in the video above, a familiar face from Twitch was also spotted riding along shotgun with Aguero: the one and only Ibai.

If you’re shocked to see an internet personality like Ibai rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest football stars in the world, you shouldn’t be. Besides being one of the most successful streamers in the world, Ibai is also good buddies with Aguero.

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The two have streamed together numerous times before and, the exact same day news about Messi came out, the Barca striker randomly crashed Ibai’s stream out of nowhere.

It’s no big shocker, then, seeing Ibai get an invite to what’s probably the hottest party in Spain this weekend, and there’s no doubt he’s the envy of the football-loving world for being included.

To prove it was indeed him, and not just a body double, Ibai posted a picture with Messi to his Twitter just a couple of hours after video of him going into the house surfaced.

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If anything, this all shows that being a world-class Twitch streamer definitely has its perks, especially when you combine that with having a good friend who also happens to be a world-class football star.

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