How to make TikTok’s viral pumpkin cheesecake cookies

Georgina Smith
TikTok pumpkin cookies

TikTokers are loving a viral recipe for pumpkin cheesecake cookies which is sweeping the platform — here’s everything to know about what they are, and how to make them yourself.

Now fall is in full swing, TikTok users are having fun sharing a whole range of different autumnal content, from their outfits of the day, to tutorials for Halloween crafts.

Naturally, there are a number of different fall recipes that are doing the rounds on the app, including the super popular pumpkin cheesecake cookies.

This recipe was shared on the platform by users In Bloom Bakery and chelsweets, who have garnered millions of likes and views for their video showing their takes on the process of making these delicious treats.

The recipe involves wrapping frozen cheesecake filling balls in pumpkin cookie dough before baking them in the oven, and the end product looks so good that it’s prompted many viewers to give the recipe a try themselves.

How to make viral TikTok pumpkin cheesecake cookies

To make these cookies, you will need to put together three main components: the cheesecake filling, the spiced sugar, and the pumpkin cookies. After being frozen, you’ll put the cheesecake filling inside the cookie dough and roll it in the spiced sugar before baking.

In Bloom Bakery has a detailed breakdown of how to make these cookies and what ingredient quantities to use on her website, but she recommends a few tricks to make sure they turn out great.

She recommends drying out your pumpkin by pressing it with paper towels before using it in order to ensure that they bake properly, and that they don’t turn out cakey.

She also suggests waiting for the cookies to cool completely before eating them, as this will allow for the cheesecake filling to firm up and not be runny.

These cookies aren’t the only pumpkin-themed trend going viral on TikTok right now — the pumpkin head photoshoot trend has made a comeback again this year, with users garnering thousands of likes and views for their videos about it.