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How to make polls on TikTok

Published: 16/Oct/2021 17:11

by Georgina Smith


Making polls on TikTok can be a simple but effective way to get your viewers interacting with your content, or to gauge the overall opinion of your audience. Here’s how to create your own TikTok poll.

TikTok is continuously updating its huge set of features as more and more people flock to the platform. While the app used to only have basic audio and video features, it has evolved over the years to include hundreds of cool effects, fun features, and helpful changes that make the platform easier to use.

One of people’s biggest priorities when uploading a video to TikTok is engagement. Many are trying their best to grow their account on the app, so it always helps to have as many people commenting and liking your content as possible.


TikTok logo on dark background
Unsplash: Alexander Shatov
TikTok is the place to go to find viral content online.

But another great way to get people to physically interact with your content, and for you to be able to engage simply with your audience, are polls.

How to add a poll to your TikTok video

The process of adding a poll to your TikTok is, fortunately, a very easy process, once you have decided what it is that you want to ask your audience.

This could range from anything from whether they like a new outfit you’re trying, to what their opinion is on a certain TV show.

The TikTok poll editing screen
You’re able to type your question right into the poll sticker.

To add the poll to your video:

  1. Launch TikTok.
  2. Tap on the plus button at the bottom of the screen to open the video editor.
  3. Record a video or select a video from your camera roll, then click the pink tick.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, find the icon that says ‘Stickers.’
  5. Click on the ‘Poll’ sticker to add it.
  6. Type the question you want to ask your followers into the available box.
  7. Tap ‘Done.’
  8. Click ‘Next’ to edit the details of your video, then post.

Once posted, viewers will be able to interact with the poll by tapping on their chosen answer.